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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

My Instagram #YOLO


I decided to share some of my #insta pics again! Hope you like it! :D

I bough this fake nose septum ring from Ebay and pranked everybody that its real haha :D No one believed tho :( haha, but I really like it, don't really know if I'd use it outside somewhere, maybe :D And I really like this picture too!

Some people read the Bible, I read Vogue. This is a pic from last year and it shows my lazy Sunday morning :D I was eating yoghurt, granola and blueberries YUM!! This is also the first pic of my leg tattoo you'll see! Love it!

I went to see Annabelle with my bestfriends last Halloween!! SO SCARY! I even wrote a blogpost about it, check it out! :D 

This is from my trip back to the UK, in the Helsinki airport at 6am, hadn't slept at all that night and the plane trip was a nightmare because I couldn't sleep at all there either!! So it was soo lovely to finally arrive to England and have a 4 hour buss trip ahead of me, needless to say I slept the whole time haha :D!

This is me being #healthy.... The smoothie has mango, spinach, blueberries and raspberries and I thought it would have turned out pretty, but it ended up being brown :( The taste was on point tho :D I also wanted to put a temporary tattoo from SNAPTATS. http://snaptattoos.com/
They are so nice and always like your picture if you tag them :D Check them out, I love their products!

So thats it for now, hope you liked it and thank you for checking out my blog! :)

-S from Paradise

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