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Monday, 27 April 2015


Heyyyy long time no see!! So I am back!
So sorry I haven't been updating my blog lately, I needed a little break to really concentrate on my studies, but I am back now and I have a lot of exciting things for the whole summer!

This post is all about high-end hair care products and I am going to give my honest opinions on these. I have divided them into sections by the brand: Tigi Bed Head, CHI, Paul Mitchell and KMS California.

Lets begin!

Starting of with Tigi Bed Head Small Talk, I love this product! It promises to: thicken the hair, by adding volume and body. Energize, give life to limp hair. Style, defines, separates and controls. And let me tell you, it actually does all those things! This is perfect if you have dry, flat, frizzy and thin hair. Like it says, it makes the hair thicker, controlled and adds moisture, but not greasy at all (unless you pour the whole bottle on your head, which I do not recommend :D). I use this on damp hair, spread it all over the hair, concentrating on the roots for volume, and then  blow dry it and use a hairbrush to style it. You can also leave it to air dry, if you are lazy, like I am sometimes haha :D After its dry, go over with a flat iron if needed. PERFECT for doing curls, makes them really shiny and holds them well :) Smells like blueberries, which is always a big plus. 

I was really excited about this Tigi Bed Head Totally Baked product. Volumizing & Prepping hair meringue. The smell of this is DIVINE! It smells like lemon, vanilla, cotton candy, meringue perfection. If this was a perfume, I would swin in it. Unfortunately, I was not that pleased with this product :( It definitely adds volume to thin hair, but it makes my hair really hard and sticky. I am someone who likes to play with my hair and touch it throughout the day, and it just makes my hands really sticky and dirty feeling (although it does smell awesome). I do use this product occasionally when I feel like my hair is really flat and unruly, but not as many times as I would have hoped, considering the price :/. 

Continuing with divine smelling products, I present you Tigi Bed Head Sugar Shock! Hair bodifying sugar spray. As the previous one, this smells like heaven, just pure sweet, sugary, candy-ness. When I bought this, I wasn't really sure how and what should I use this for, but turned out this is one of my favorite products ever! On the instructions it says to mist into dry hair for a tousled look or layer throughout for extreme texture, fullness and hold. I don't do that. I simply spray this into my wet hair, brush it through and blow dry it normally. It leaves the hair textured, but not hard at all! It also does add volume and hold, and it is just that basic product that I think everyone should own!

Next bundle!
This Tigi Bed Head Glaze Haze is a semi-sweet smoothing hair serum. Again, smells amazing and leaves your hair really shiny and smooth, BUT be careful! If used too much, it can make your hair look really greasy and dirty looking :/ So use a very small amount, avoiding roots! It also says that it fights humidity and speeds up drying time. This may be true, but I didn't notice any drastic difference in my hair, but it is a nice thought though :D Maybe I'll do a "scientific" test and take time next time I use it haha! 

Tigi Bed Head Headrush is a wonderful and a very long lasting product!! It is a shine spray without any oils, so no matter how much you use it, it won't leave hair greasy. It is superfine and feels luxurious and something a little extra! I don't use this everyday, as it is a high-end product, and my hair can look good without it. So I use this product mainly when going out and special occasions, because it just makes the moment feel special and puts you in the mood!

I bought Tigi Bed Head After Party as it was recommended in some YouTube video, and it really impressed me. Now the packaging may be a little misleading haha, and it has made some of my guests wondering like "wait, what is that?!" haha :D put it is a really good hair product! It says: Smoothing cream for silky, shiny, healthy looking hair. The name suggests that it should literally be used after parties, when you wake up somewhere unknow, and your hair is looking like a mess. Just spread this all over and you are ready to go again! Again, too much of this product makes it look greasy, so be careful! Definitely a long lasting product and a must have for dry hair people! Smells good as you can expect from Tigi :D

Lets move on to CHI!
 CHI was also introduced to me from YouTube, and I bought these both from a sale, so I wasn't really intending on buying them. The CHI Pliable Polish is a lot like the After Party cream discussed previously, except the smell is very off putting :/ It smells like an old mans cologne, and not in a good way. Good smoothing product, it doesn't dry into your hair, so you can mold, shape and restyle it throughout the day without it feeling sticky or stiff feel. OK product after all!

The next product, CHI Infra Texture, is a real mystery. I really don't know what to use this product for :D It says on the bottle: dual active hairspray. It promises long lasting shine and hold, and its recommended to use with curling and flat irons. It can act as a hairspray, but doesn't hold the hair really well and it is sticky. Same when using heat tools, it just makes it harder overall. And again, the smell is VERY bad, I don't like this product, although I really really wanted to :D

New brand, Paul Mitchell!!
Paul Mitchell extra body daily boost root lifter, was actually given to me by my sister, she said it didn't work on her. Didn't really do much on me either :/ I can feel that it gives texture on the roots, but it doesn't make my hair voluminous and gorgeous. I still sometimes use this, and I spray it straight to my roots and then spread it with a hairbrush, and then blowdry it. So if you feel like you need texture and you have thin hair, it is a great product, similar to Tigis Sugar Shock, but not nearly as good.

This next one, Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, I absolutely LOVE!! Smells heavenly, like artificial watermelon, and it stays in your hair too! It just makes your hair really easy to work with, making it silky smooth and shiny hair, without making them unruly and "slippery". I sometimes use this on damp hair, let it air dry or blow dry it, and it is just amazing :D It also has a heat protectant, so it is safe to style your hair with heat aferwards. 

Another interesting product, Paul Mitchell Hot off the press, is a spray on heat protectant, but in an aerosol can. It's interesting, because the finish is very much like a hairspray, which confused me on the first try. So it basically is heat protectant and protecting from humidity too. It has a lot of good ingredients, making the hair stronger and healthier. It creates a shield on the surface of the hair, which then protects it from the heat. Now this sounds amazing, but as it is really hairspray-y it makes the hair really stick together, making it hard to separate sections for straightening or curling the hair. But as a plus, if you have run out of hairspray, this can act as a replacement! :D 

KMS California Silk Sheen Styling creme was a new brand for me, as my friend introduced it to me. It is also a high end product, and I am really enjoying it. If you are in a hurry in the mornings (ME!), you can put this on your wet hair, do your morning routine, go to work/school/etc. and let it air dry the whole time. When your hair is dry, you can basically shape it however you want to, and it will hold. Good especially for short hair! I didn't really notice any difference in shine or silky texture, but it does leave the hair smooth and again, healthy looking. Overall a good product, and I will definitely be trying new products from this brand!

So there you go! These are all my honest opinions, I really hope you find it helpful :) 
Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about these products, I am happy to answer them! And also if you have any product recommendations, suggestons for future posts, or any feedback, please let me know! I would love to have some discussions in the comments section. 

-S from Paradise


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