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Saturday, 10 January 2015

December Favorites: Cetaphil, Soap&Glory, Michael Todd etc...

Hello and Happy New Year!!

It has been a long time since I last updated my blog, I have been very busy with school stuff and vacationing in Finland. Now I am back in the UK finally!

Today Im going to share my favorites for the month of December! I know its a little late but decided to do it anyways!

Michael Todd True Organics Jojoba charcoal facial scrub has been a real save for me recently! It contains natural and organic ingredients, so it is not so harmful for the skin. It leaves my skin super smooth and not dry, as some scrubs may do. And because of the charcoal, it is black which I think is cool :D

The formula is a little foamy and the exfoliating granules are really small and they don't rip your skin into scars. 

Soap&Glory was a new friend to me as I had never tried that brand before and I fell in Love! The body wash and body milk smell like heaven and are super moisturising, but not at all sticky or greasy. The Hand Food hand cream is also really moisturising and it smells very nice aswell, really clean. As I mentioned, I did some traveling in December, and this really moisturised my dry hands from the dry airplane air. From Boots.com

I got a recommendation from my friend to start using Cetaphil skin care products and I love them!! The cleanser is super gentle and moisturising, and it still cleanses my face very well which was a surprise to me. Doesn't leave skin dry at all. The Lotion is the same, very gentle and moisturising, yet I can wear it during day time, as it doesn't leave skin so shiny and greasy as other lotions do. Both of them are also scent free, so if you have a very sensitive skin, I highly RECOMMEND these products :)! Also if you suffer from acne or you have acne prone skin, these are great as they are very gentle so they don't irritate the skin at all! That will eventually lead to clearer skin. I'm going to do my skin care routine post soon, and also tell a bit about my skin history. From Boots.com

I recently bleached my hair a little bit from the ends, and I had a bit of a struggle with it to be honest :D They turned out really blonde and eventually a little orange, but this Bleach Silver Shampoo has saved me. I use it every 3 days and it keeps the orange somewhat away, but I still need to find another one that completely makes it orange-free :D From Boots.com

When traveling, you will be in contact with a lot of bacteria, so I try to minimize getting sick and getting sticky and dirty hands, and I always have these in hand when traveling. These are from Tesco, so nothing fancy, but they do the job :D This brand specifically isn't my favorite, as I don't really care about the brand, so any hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer wipes will do.

These products were a lot of help also when traveling! Louis Vuitton mini pochette is such a great item! I had my passport, lipbalm, my YSL cardholder, gum, tissues, tickets and boarding passes, Travalo perfume thingy and some change, and they all fit perfectly!! So easy when everything is in a small handy thing that you can just carry in your wrist with no worries. I highly recommend this item to everyone! I decided not to take my big wallet with me with all my cards in it, because if it got stolen or lost, that's it :D So I only took my bank cards and driving license and put them in my YSL cardholder. Travalo perfume thingy is really helpful, because you can take your favorite perfume and put it in this little thing, without taking the whole bottle with you. It is airplane approved and keeps you smelling good the whole trip. This hat inspired by Chanel (so, not real :D) saved my head in the FREEZING Finland climate!

Last but not least:
Favorite TV-Show: RuPaul DragRace (SO GOOD XD)
Favorite song: Beyonce 7/11
Favorite movie: Love Actually
Favorite person: Me

Thank you so much for reading and please leave a comment! :) I hope this was helpful! 
I'll see you soon!

-S from Paradise

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