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Saturday, 31 January 2015

My phonecase collection for iPhone 5S!!

I have been obsessed with my new phone case I bought from Amazon, do I decided to share that and also some of my other favorites too :)

This bling bling is from Ebay, just search diamond bumper phone case, it is soo pretty and makes your phone look so chic and expensive! The diamonds can fall off though, but it isn't that expensive! This one is in rosegold, but they have them in black, gold and silver too :)

This m&m case is from a site called cndirect.com, which sells very cheap clothing and pretty much everything! I'm gonna do a separate review of that site later so stay tuned!! This case anyway is very good and it is silicone, so it protects your phone goodly. It adds a pop of color to your day and its super cute! Pretty sure they have these on Ebay aswell. 

And tadaaa this is the one I have been obsessed!!! I saw this on YouTube and right away bought one from Amazon, search flowing glitter phone case. So basically its like a snow globe phonecase with glitter and liquid inside. They have a lot of different colours available! I recommend you buy a little more expensive one, which is like £8, because I bought one for £3 and it had already bubbles inside and it was leaking :( so this is the phone case you want to "invest" in :) 

When I'm bored I play with this, its so mesmerizing and magical :D 


Thank you for reading and I hope you got some tips!! Please comment and share this post if you want to :) 

-S from Paradise

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