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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Picks from my Instagram!


I LOVE Instagram and the way you can share important pictures quckly on your phone to your followers. I'm always taking pictures and my goal is to share more of them, now I only update my Instagram once a week :(

Anywayyss, here are some of my favorite pictures from my Instagram!

This Rihanna pic is one of the most recent, it is a screenshot from her new music video, Four Five Seconds. I love the music video so I had to post it and share it to my friends so they would go and watch it. Most of them didn't like it, too boring apparently :D Oh well, she is still the queen and I love her!

This is when I lost my Starbucks virginity. I had just started University and went to have lunch with my friend who became one of my best friends! ohh memories. We drank Passion Tea and Mango Frappuccino. The cookie is raspberry and white chocolate, YAM!

I got my second tattoo here in England, it says the word Paradise, which is kinda like my word.
It was a bit extempore, because I wasn't planning on getting a tattoo that day, just went to ask for the prices and they said: Why not get it today so then it is over and you don't have to come again, just 10 minutes!?? Hahah I wasn't prepared at all, but I decided why not #YOLO.

I went to Finland on Christmas holiday and went to a walk to the beach in my hometown at night with my best friend. It was so pretty, all the lights and the sea and it was so silent. I appreciate that place more now!

One week after Uni drinks!!
Strawberry margaritas and alcohol free drinks for me!

Soo thats it!

I will do more of these in the future, hope you liked it!! :)


-S from Paradise

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