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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Vestiaire Collective Review/What I bought from there


Can I just start by announcing that Rihannas new song FourFiveSeconds is out now!!! And I am obsesssed, I love Rih and I can't wait for her new album to be release, hopefully soon!

Okey, on to the days topic, I discovered this site Vestiaire Collective last summer, and basically it is a online-high-end- thrift store. So you buy used and sometimes new items from actual people or small companies, so not directly from the brand. The reason why Vestiaire Collective is sooo good, is because they check that all the items are authentic before sending it to the buyer. The process goes as follows:

1. You see a product that you want to buy and either a) discuss the price and ask questions from the seller, or then b) just pay the shown price that the seller has set. You pay the price for Vestiaire, and not directly for the seller.

2. The seller gets a notification that their product was sold and they are asked to send it over to the Vestiaire Collective head office. You start to waiting excitingly when your purchase will arrive!

3. In the head office, a professional team will evaluate the product and checks that it is as the seller described and that it matches the pictures online. They also check that it is authentic, they will not sell any fakes, which is good!! You hope that your baby passes the test and will be on the way to its new home soon.

4. If the product is as described and authentic, Vestiaire will send the product to you and pay the money to the seller, and take their commission. Almost home!

5. The most exciting part!! You receive your item, which is very well packaged so that your item doesn't get hurt during the transportation. Every product has a tag attached to it, and when you remove it, the item is completely yours! However, if the product is not the one you wanted, or you have changed your mind, no worries, you can still cancel the sale! Just don't take the tag off and follow the instructions provided.

6. Now you can enjoy your life with your new baby and use it as much as you like and take selfies!

I have bought a Louis Vuitton agenda and a Chanel vanity case. I love Vestiaire because I got these items for a really good price, and they are almost in perfect condition!!

This is very convenient, but I'm thinking of selling this because I don't use it as much as I'd want to :/ It is too big for everyday use for my school bag so I only take it with me when I travel, which is like every 3-4 months. But I like it a lot and it kinda reminds me of the old-times when Chanel was founded. Like old ladies in the 20's :D I love it! 

But ohmgg this I love and I have been using it everyday since I got it. It even came with the stickers! The previous owner hadn't used them. I just had to buy new pages and thats it! 

I do have one "negative" story!!
I saw these BEAUTIFUL white leather sneakers from YSL and they were only 300 euros and normally they are 500. I had been eyeing those on their own website and now I thought my opportunity had come and decided to click them to my shopping cart and paid the 300 euros! So, they informed the owner to send them to them. Waited for some weeks, didn't hear a response. I e-mailed them again asking for them and they said that they hadn't heard anything and that we have to wait for some time still. It ended up that the owner never send the shoes, maybe because they changed their mind, I never heard of them. BUT, the good thing is that they give you the full refund, so you don't actually lose anything :) 
And another good thing, I found the same exact shoes from Farfetch.com for a little cheaper, and they were new :) 

So, I HIGHLY recommend this site for all you luxury lovers :)!! Let me know if you have bought anything from Vestiaire, and how was the experience :)!

-S from Paradise

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