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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Feminism, Equality. My thoughts.

Feminist, a person who believes in political, social and economical equality between men and women.

I am a feminist.

Nowadays, men and women are treated differently everywhere. Women don't get paid the same amount of money than men from the same job done. Men can't show their feelings, because that is considered as being weak. Why? I don't know, but in this post, I will be sharing my thoughts to the internet. I am not a professional, or a professor of any kind, these are just my personal thoughts.

Everybody has been talking about Kim Kardashians ass, and Nicki Minaj's Anaconda. These acts are considered as very sexual, risky, even inappropriate by some people. I think that these women are very brave, and that they have every right to do whatever they want with their bodies. When I may not like some of the things they do, it is not my place to say what is wrong and what is right, it is not my life, body or mind.
So why is it, that these women can do what they want to do, and not being attacked by women, when at the same time a man can't wear a t-shirt that has half-naked women on them? For me that is confusing. Again, I may not like the t-shirt, but it is not my place to say that he shouldn't wear it.

I believe that men and women all over the world should have equal rights. I also believe, that all men and women should be treated individually, as people, persons, personalities. Every person should have equal rights, but individual opportunities. Nowadays, none of these are happening. All women are expected to aspire to marriage and having babies. Men should work as leaders and bring home the bacon or bread. In some countries going to army is optional, when it's obligatory for men. In some countries girls are not allowed to go to school. These are some social norms, that most people have accepted and scared to break. Some people are "breaking the rules" which I think it is just amazing (for example Malala Yousafzai), and we all should do that.

This is not just about men and women. There are inequalities between rich and poor, gays and straights, black and whites. At the end of the day, we are all people and all people are different, so I don't get it why we can't give all people the same rights. Don't get me wrong, we are going to the right direction and a lot of changes have happened in the past decades.

In Finland all men have to attend army or work for a year without payment. I think this is awful and stupid! I think when we are discussing about equal rights for men and women, we should also discuss about equal opportunities. We should make army either obligatory for everyone, or optional for everyone. I know in most countries this happens, but not in Finland, which I think is just absolutely wrong. This probably happens in some other countries too.

This post can be a little confusing, I know :D But the main point from me is that ALL people should have equal rights and ALL people should have individual opportunities. No one should be obligated to do something just because they are born to a certain body, country, religion, whatever. And no one should be restricted from doing something because they are born to a certain body, country, religion, the list goes on.

Share your thoughts, experiences, whatever is on your mind!! I think this subject is very interesting and sometimes confusing too!

Thank you for reading this!

-S from Paradise x

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