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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Movie Review: Annabelle

Happy late Halloween!

On Friday the 31st I went to the movies with my friends to see the new horror movie, Annabelle.
Dat shit scary. For real tho, for the whole movie I was hiding behind my scarf being scared :D I personally love watching horror movies occasionally, even though they leave me really scared for the next few days..


The movie is based on the story about this doll, thats possessed by some creepy bitz. At the beginning of the movie it tells that its based on real life events, which makes the movie even more scary, although I want to believe that thats not true :D The movie had a lot of scary moments that startled me, but at some points it kinda left you without that. For example, there was this part where it was zooming into the dolls face and creepy music and you are expecting something BANG, but nothing happens and the movie just continues normally.. So that was kinda lame.
The only part I found a bit weird and too much was the one where the bookstore woman killed herself just to save the baby. It didn't fit in the movie, it was like from Titanic or something :D
Have you seen The Conjuring? If you have, we can probably agree that the storyline is kinda the same. In The Conjuring there is also the same doll, the same story, except this movie happened before The Conjuring. I liked The Conjuring better, it was more scary and it had a better plot. So if you are considering watching Annabelle, I highly recommend that you see The Conjuring first.


So that is just my thoughts on the movie Annabelle. Have you seen it? If so what do you think?
Also, what are some of your favorite horror movies, or movies in general? Any recommendations :D?

Thank you for reading!

-S from Paradise x

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