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Sunday, 2 November 2014



Even though the weather here in the UK has not been so cold yet, I have still started to wear my lovely Uggs. I think Uggs are the perfect cold weather shoes, they are stylish, simple, WARM and durable if you take good care of them. 


I currently have one pair, which I bought last year. They are the Classic Mini boots in black colour and their price today online is £130. When I bought them the sales person told me to buy a spray that makes them water proof. They sell that online and in their stores, but I think they are pretty expensive when you can get a bottle for about 10 pounds from a normal department store. So I bought his Woly waterproof spray and followed the instructions on the bottle. 

This spray works amazingly!!
The spray blocks dirt too, so it is easy to wipe clean with a dry paper towel. I maintain the shoes with spraying this every now and then, very irregularly though, because the first time you do it, it is supposed to last forever. I have never washed these, only wiped them with dry paper towels. I think black is a color you can see dirt very easily, whereas when they get wet, you can't see it. The brown coloured Uggs show wetness easily, and you cant really see dirt on them. 

These shoes are not really good for your feet, mainly because the sole is flat and doesn't support your feet. So I don't recommend using these as work shoes, or if you are travelling and walking for long times without resting. For everyday use these are PERFECT! One thing I had to be careful back in Finland, ICE. When it is icy, you have to be very careful, as the bottom of the shoe is plastic-y material, and doesn't have any spikes or support against the ice.

If you are considering buying Uggs, my tip is that when you are trying the shoes on and if it feels a little tight, take them! This is because the bottom and the lining is lamb fur, so when you use it, the shoe gets more loose when the fur goes down.
Overall, I LOVE these shoes and I will probably be always using them when its cold! Especially in Finland these were really convenient in the snow and cold. 

What do you think about Uggs? Do you own any of them? 

-S from Paradise 

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