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Sunday, 16 November 2014

My first Louis Vuitton experience+tips!

Hey everyone!

Today I will be talking about my first ever shopping experience in a Louis Vuitton store. I visited the New Bonds Street LV store in London, which was huge! At the end of this post I have some tips that I've used.

As some of you know, I bought a Louis Vuitton mini pochette accessoires last weekend and made an unboxing post in this blog. I had already been looking at it online at their website, so I knew what I was going to get and how much does it cost.

I must say that I was expecting the staff to be a little rude and that they would give me the "look", as I'm not dressed in designer clothes from head to toe. However I didn't got that which was very nice.

So I walked into the store and to the cashier, and there was the sales person and she was really nice and asked how can they help me. I said that I would like to see the mini pochette accessoires, and then she looked at the computer looking for it. She also asked in what print I would like to see it, and I said in the monogram print. She then went to look for it at the back somewhere. Meanwhile me and my friends were just admiring the store and the products they had on display. It was GORGEOUS!! Some people were just chilling on the couches and looking at stuff and chatting with friends. It was really busy that evening, and I really liked the atmosphere of the store.

Then the sales person came back with the pochette and gave it to me to look at. I already knew that I would buy it, but still I wanted to make sure that this is what I really want, so I tried the zipper and the chain and how it can be attached etc. I told her that I was really excited as this is my first ever Louis Vuitton purchase and she told me that this is a really good product to start the collection. I then said "Okey, I think I'm gonna take this", and then she asked would I like to see something else. I had been eyeing a scarf, but decided that I'm just gonna buy this now. She gave me a registration paper that I signed and put my details on. Then was time to pay! I got really nervous that if for some reason my card wouldn't work, that would be really embarrassing. Thankgod it worked with no problems :D!

She then said that she is going to pack it for me and went to the back again. We waited for another while and she came back with my product in their paper bag, which was covered with a raincoat for the bag too. I thought that was really nice! Then we said goodbye and left the store very happy!!

Overall experience was really positive! From start to finish I felt like I was a really important customer. This was a surprise, as I "only bought something small". Remember that you are the customer and the one with the money, and the staff is the one who need your money and they are there to serve you. I hope that in the future I will give many more visits to Louis Vuitton, and receive as positive service that I got this time :)

Now for the tips!

- If you live in a country that doesn't have a shop online option (for example Finland), you can see the prices of the products from the shop online UK. Just click the United Kingdom at the beginning, where they ask for your country and simply use a currency converter to get the price of your country. The international page doesn't have the prices.

- If you are nervous, like I was, know the prints and the name of the product you are looking for! The staff at the store will however help you with these!

Do you have any tips? Have you been to Louis Vuitton and how was the experience? I would like to know!!

Thank you for reading!!

-S from Paradise x

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