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Thursday, 6 November 2014

OCTOBER FAVORITES 2014! (The Body Shop, Freeman, EOS, Yankee Candle...)


In this post I will be talking about my favorite products this October. I know this is kinda late, as it is already November, but thats alright. I didn't do that much shopping this month, but I have products that I've bought in the past and using more this month.
Most of these products are skincare, but some random ones too :)

Nivea Q10 Eye care, eyecream. I have own this for a while, but as the weather gets colder and my skin dryer, I have started to use this. It definitely moisturises the skin around my eyes, but I haven't seen any dramatical differences in fine lines and puffiness. Don't put this too close to your eyes, because when you sleep, the product will get into your eye and make them more puffier and appear tired. Good basic product overall.

As you may have read from my PREVIOUS post, I have been suffering from pimples lately, because I was using the wrong moisturiser. This Body Shop Tea Tree Oil has literally saved me! I apply a small amount of that on my blemishes at night, and in the morning they are pretty much gone! I have also mixed this with my moisturiser and applying to my whole face, so it prevents and fights blemishes all over the face. RECOMMEND! I was gonna say that this is just pure tea tree oil and all natural ingredients, but after looking at the ingredients it does have a lot of other stuff and only 15% of tea tree oil. This is a vegan product tho, so no animals were harmed!

The Miley Cyrus lipbalm... This Eos (Evolution of Smoothness) lipbalm in the scent lemon has been really good! It has SPF 15, which is really good all year round!

As mentioned, I had a pretty difficult skin-month, and this Freeman Facial clay mask, Lemon and mint helped me too with my struggles. It provides deep pore cleansing, and leaves your skin feeling dry and smooth. What I did, was that first I washed my face normally and then exfoliated with THIS Michael Todd exfoliator (http://www.michaeltoddtrueorganics.com/mtto-jojoba-charcoal-facial-scrub.html#_) (I am gonna do a separate post about this product line!). After exfoliating I applied this mask for 15 minutes, or when it dries completely. After using this you should apply some moisturiser, as it is quite drying. 

When it gets colder, my hair gets really static and frizzy, so this Wella Wellaflex Hydrostyle blowdrying lotion has tamed the frizz! I apply this on to my wet hair in the morning and then just dry normally with a blowdryer. Leaves hair smooth, and a little bit textured, so it adds a little bit hold too. 

Batiste Dry shampoo in the scent tropical is perfect when you want to add volume and texture in your hair. Do you sometimes get just flat boring hair? Spray some of this on, and all your problems are away! (I know I should be a poetry person). The scent is good, not too powerful, but leaves your hair smelling fresh. Don't breathe this product, doesn't feel pleasant. 
Also, if you have really dark or black hair, you might want to be careful with this, as the product is basically white powder which doesn't disappear completely. I have light brown hair, and this doesn't give me any problems. 

This is random, but I'm in LOVE with this candle from Yankee Candle! This is in the scent Black Coconut, so it is a little more deeper than a regular coconut. Little vanilla-y and little bit of spicyness. Doesn't smell like regular coconut. I know, my scent description is on-point. 

And last but not least The Body Shop Bodybutter in the scent apricot. I don't really understand how this can be used as a moisturiser for the whole body, because it is REALLY thick, just like pure butter. I use this at night on my hands, elbows and knees and the rest that is in my hands I spread on my arms. The smell starts as fresh apricot, but when you rub it in it smells like plant, which is not a bad scent aswell. Overall really good moisturiser for the dry parts in the body!

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Thank you for reading this!!

-S from Paradise x